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Project Settings

Project developers and admins can access project settings. The settings are critical to linking the Metalitix Dashboard to the Metalitix Logger, which is installed in your experience. They also allow users to configure project information, user access, and billing settings.
Data Processing
Data collection practices must comply with the regions where your experience is available. This prompt remind you and provides copyable text you can use in prompts to users, if necessary.
Two paragraph followable by a copyable disclaimer. The text warns that data collection practices must follow local laws despite Metalitx not collecting personal identifiable information.
A unique series of text used by developers to identify this project within the Metalitix Logger code added to your experience.
32 random characters (A to Z or 0 through 9).
Allowed Domains
For all projects, you must configure your allowed domains to ensure that sessions from only expected origins are recorded to your project. Add URL(s) of your experience. If you're using a local development server, add the IP address of your local server (i.e. All ports and pages from that URL will be automatically allowed to record data. It is recommended you use https addresses.
https://localhost and https:/ on a list titled Allowed Domains
Tracking Status
The timestamp of when data was last received by Metalitix. Green indicates data was received in the last day. Orange indicates data was received in the last week. Red indicates data was received more than a week ago.
An orange tracking status saying, "Data last received on 28 September 2023 at 7:52 AM."
General project information and configuration. The platform type of a project cannot be changed because it impacts key configurations. The workspace can only be changed by project admins and only workspaces available to the project admin will appear in the dropdown.
General settings for project name ("Example Demo"), description (empty), platform (ThreeJS), and workspace ("Examples").)
Calibrate Heatmap
Opening this setting redirects you to the 3D Heatmap where you can adjust the base intensity of the hot zones and pin indicators.
The words "Calibrate Heatmap" are to the left of an "Open" button.
Camera Size
Altering the camera size impacts the size of the camera model in the Session Explorer and the base size of pin indicators in the 3D Heatmap.
A "Camera Size" has a value of 1, which is an editable field.
Upload Scene Model
After uploading a model, Metalitix will present you with transform controls for manual calibration. In many cases, you can keep these values at their defaults and skip calibration. When developers install the Metalitix Logger into the experience, you can configure the logger to automatically calibrate the scene.
A picture of a 3D model with the origin identified and position, rotation, and scale input boxes underneath.