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3. Allowing Domains

Learn to configure your experience as a trustworthy source of data
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    Within your project, navigate to Project Settings -> Project Setup. Many of your general project settings are located here.
A project opened on the Metalitix dashboard shows a Project Settings dropdown next to the other navigation tabs. The dropdown has Project Setup selected.
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    For all projects, you must configure your allowed domains to ensure that sessions from only expected origins are recorded to your project. Find the Allowed Domains section. Add your domain by clicking the Add Domain button. Type in the URL(s) of your experience. If you're using a local development server, add the IP address of your local server (i.e. All ports and pages from that URL will be automatically allowed to record data. It is recommended you use https addresses.
A section for allowing domains with an "Add Domain" button in the top right and http://localhost listed as an allowed domain address.