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1. Creating a Project

Learn to start a new project on the Metalitix dashboard
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    Click the New project button at the top right of your workspace, Home, or Projects page.
The "New project" button is located near the top-right of your workspace next to the "Workspace Settings" button. Alternatively, a large "Add Project" sits where projects would be listed, appearing like a project.
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    Metalitix will remind you that data collection practices must comply with the regions where your experience is available. You can use the copyable text to prompt users, if necessary.
Two paragraph followable by a copyable disclaimer. The text warns that data collection practices must follow local laws despite Metalitx not collecting personal identifiable information.
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    Then, you can input your project's desired name and platform type. For some platforms, Metalitix features are not available or operate differently. The description is optional but helpful for distinguishing projects that might have similar names.
Project name, description, and platform type inputs. The platform type is a dropdown with platforms such as A-Frame and Unity.
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    Finally, select your desired project tier. The core difference between Metalitix project tiers is the number of sessions that can be recorded per month. For more details, please see
    • Trial Tier - Best for users that are learning the platform or working on integrating Metalitix early into the experience lifecycle. It is limited to 100 sessions until the project is upgraded to a paid tier. Payment details are not required to create this project.
    • Low, Medium, and High Traffic - Best for projects with established or anticipated monthly session counts. An additional 100 bonus sessions are included in the first month in place of not choosing the Trial Tier. Payment details are required after selecting these tiers.
    • Custom - Best for large experiences and enterprises that would like unlimited feature access and project creation on the platform. Dedicated billing and customer support are also provided. Contacting us is required to establish a custom plan.
Project selection tiers: Free, Low Traffic ($99/month), Medium Traffic ($499/month), and High Traffic ($1499/month).