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Camera Controls

Camera controls are necessary for navigating a 3D scene on a 2D screen. Whenever you encounter a 3D scene on Metalitix, there are on-screen buttons and additional keyboard controls that assist you in obtaining the optimal vantage point.

On-screen Buttons

When viewing a 3D scene, 2D on-screen buttons are available in the bottom righthand corner.
Layer Controls
Toggle metric information overlaid onto your 3D scene.
Position, Gaze, and Texture are listed as options in a dropdown from a "layers" icon.
Perspective Controls
Select whether to follow (3rd person), embody (1st person), or freely follow (free roam) the user's camera session during session playback.
Third person, free roam, and first person are listed as options from a "camera" icon dropdown.
Return your vantage point to the default view of the entire scene.
An icon of a house is highlighted next to several other icons.
Zoom Controls
Increase or decrease the viewport's field of view, effectively making the scene larger or smaller.
A plus icon is highlighted next to several other icons.

Keyboard Controls

When viewing a 3D scene, you can manipulate your camera perspective using your keyboard. The keybindings are configurable in the Account Settings (found in the sidebar). The configurable keybindings allow for two different configurations for every type of input. Depicted below are the default camera controls, which are common for many 3D editors and games.
A table of keybindings shows two columns for configuring primary and secondary inputs. The inputs control camera movement, rotation, speed, and FOV. By default, keys include W A S D Q E Z X + - and mouse clicks.